Listening to our voices…

We often hear that our actions are derived out of our thoughts but what about the thoughts? Those voices guiding us, making us pick and choose, respond and react, fight or flight….
I believe these thoughts are part of our belief. Our belief which shapes our thought process and we act. This makes me ponder upon the question that if the whole mankind believes in happiness and balance then why this chaos? why this comparison, why no tolerance and love?

It’s obvious that we go for the sudden responses and operate with a mind that always has its defence mechanism activated! but let’s just try and put our brain to reply yes instead of a no. To start a sentence with a positive note will resonate within our body and reflect on our faces. If someone snaps ‘i know you did it! We can start by saying ‘yes it seems to you as if you did it but that is not the case’. The point is using lesser and lesser NOs will we be able to actually free our mind from the stress that it takes being on the other side this whole time.

Thinking positive thoughts and finding anything to appreciate in the other person or thing or even a plant will make the whole world feel at harmony. This is the least contribution we can do as individuals because I know humans have the power to do anything… and YOU  can do it!






Cry me a river…

Read this post somewhere that “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the ONLY choice you have.” While most of the people would’ve nodded or have given into the feeling; my immediate reaction was BULLSHIT!
I’m not able to understand why come so hard upon ourselves. Why can’t we have a bad day? Why can’t we cry? Why can’t we take a break away and breathe? We are freaking human, aren’t we?
I remember there were times when I thought I would lose it all when I didn’t have the energy to talk it out, never wanting to change my pj’s even… thank god that I had people around me who told me it’s alright to be this way. Those around me didn’t ask me to be strong at that time, rather let me delve in the quietness of my body and mind until I picked everything from where I left. They were silently guiding me towards myself, letting me heal myself and get over it step by step. Those are the people you need around you to make you feel good because they accept you at your worst.
The constant battles we play within ourselves telling our mind and body to be strong and become super human only breaks it apart. Even Santa has his bad days when he is done giving gifts and misses his mom….. but then he has happy days too, that is how life is, you can’t expect anyone to be strong through out.

I say “you never know how strong you are until you step up after being torn apart, and show the world what you’re capable of because it’s what you choose”

7 Signs that tells your shopaholic nature

Why is it that you constantly feel the need of running to your favorite stores even when you don’t need anything new? I mean where will you keep all the stuff? oh wait, you can buy a bigger house with wider closets and high racks for shoes! Happened again?
Here are 7 signs that will tell you that you are a complete shopaholic….


  1. Hard to choose, Easy to buy:
    It’s so hard to choose from the clothes you already have, and you need something new because at least 5 people have seen you wearing the same dress. So its easier to buy a new dress than to spend time choosing from your stock
  2. It’s your remedy for everything:
    No matter if you had a break-up, or your hormones are disturbed. Shopping seems to make you happy even if the world is crumbling down. It’s that little get away to happiness that you will always need no matter what.
  3. It hurts to see people treating all blacks as same:
    The world is so colorful that it hurts to see people treating every kind of black and red the same way. There are so many different shades and you smile because you can point out at least 10 different shades of black right in front. Want to try your cape in charcoal black?
  4. You have this fear of getting behind the bars:
    What would happen to your family or your kids if you were caught because the debt is higher than your heels now? Well, you always try to slow down but credit cards have made you stronger than ever!
  5. You still hide your cards, better yet try to forget where you kept them:
    You always imagine yourself trying to throw these cards away and settle for good. But why do we have to when we can easily hide them and forget about them until and unless there is an emergency. A Nice plan I tell you! Still remember hiding them under your covers, inside your bath gown pockets, inside your lolly jar… where else? Ooopss…
  6. The mannequins come alive when you pass by:
    It is common courtesy to respond if someone says hi, or comes forward to welcome you, doesn’t it? Mannequins are humans too. Okay, not actual humans but they seem like one! It feels bad to just walk past them and do not say hello back at them with a smile. Rest… you know.
  7. Your body reacts to it:
    Even if you by words pretend that it is too expensive, you don’t need it, you are gonna pass this time, but your body reacts to it and by that time the ball is out of your court. The heart beating, brain cells responding to the feel of textures and smell of leather is enough to turn back and pick up those high heels from Charles&Keith, those pants from DL1961, that bag from CELINE, them lip colors from MAC and those sexy inner wears from VS! Oh, the list goes on.

So, if you are a shopaholic like me, then like and comment about any instance you tried to pass but ended up buying something!

When swiping your luck….

We grew up hearing stories about how Cinderella got new cloths and shoes just by a flash of a magic wand, how Aladdin flew on his magic carpet and traveled the whole world and how jack climbed up the magic bean stock to find treasures he did not imagine seeing. I used to believe this world of magic is what keeps us alive and curious as we try to find answers by questioning everything around us. But, no more!
We see this magic happening everyday around us, credit cards? absolutely. This small silver or gold handy card out does everything. The sheer feeling of excitement, that adrenaline rush you feel while handing it out to the cashier, the bubbling sensation of buying things you longed for and the satisfied broad smile on your face is everything to let the world know that you are under the magic spell!
Imagine yourself sitting in front of exotic food when you are starving? What is happening? The same is felt in double intensity when you sniff a new leather jacket hanging seductively over a mannequin, the smell of mixed perfumes all around the body shop, those fumes of nail paints and fruity lips balms, the softness of new chiffon scarves or those animal skin hand bags giving you the raw feeling of falling in love all over again! God, it’s heavenly….
Gone are the days of saving, waiting and drooling over the shop windows just to have one more quick peek of that seductive black dress or those ALDO heels you saw and fell in love with immediately, the world has given you your magic wand right in your palm, swipe and enter your heaven.
The next time you feel the world is dark and senseless, step out and do the magic, everything will make sense again.. the world will look brighter again!

The Magic of Red!

Ever tried the quick magic of red? Be it a professional meetup where you have to prove yourself against all odds, a friend’s gathering to flaunt youself, or woo your crush with your oh-so-gorgeous look, the magic of red works right away!
On occasions like these and many other, I have always taken out time to put MAC’s Ruby Woo and indulge in the sheer happiness of red. Why MAC?



  1. Works on all skin colors:
    Your complexion may be of any color, dark or light, MAC work it’s magic regardless of these. It will enhance your features, gives you a more fuller look and make you feel like the lady of the evening.
  2. Woo the crowd with your perfect shade:
    With Ruby Woo, you will not feel the need to waste time on mixers. Red, cherry red? No. Blood red! It gives you the ease of putting your kind of perfect shade. Put on coats however you like and make your way through the crowd!
  3. No flakes, no restroom breaks:
    Hate to rush your way to the nearest restroom to chap your lips? Me too. This little stick doesn’t make your lips feel dry or flaky. Its smooth matte look will stick to your lips all day long, so get ready for paparazzi baby!

You will not second question your decision to buy Ruby Woo, and will certainly complete your look effortlessly within no time. A little mascara, a blush on your cheeks and ruby woo and you’re good to go!