Cry me a river…

Read this post somewhere that “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the ONLY choice you have.” While most of the people would’ve nodded or have given into the feeling; my immediate reaction was BULLSHIT!
I’m not able to understand why come so hard upon ourselves. Why can’t we have a bad day? Why can’t we cry? Why can’t we take a break away and breathe? We are freaking human, aren’t we?
I remember there were times when I thought I would lose it all when I didn’t have the energy to talk it out, never wanting to change my pj’s even… thank god that I had people around me who told me it’s alright to be this way. Those around me didn’t ask me to be strong at that time, rather let me delve in the quietness of my body and mind until I picked everything from where I left. They were silently guiding me towards myself, letting me heal myself and get over it step by step. Those are the people you need around you to make you feel good because they accept you at your worst.
The constant battles we play within ourselves telling our mind and body to be strong and become super human only breaks it apart. Even Santa has his bad days when he is done giving gifts and misses his mom….. but then he has happy days too, that is how life is, you can’t expect anyone to be strong through out.

I say “you never know how strong you are until you step up after being torn apart, and show the world what you’re capable of because it’s what you choose”


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